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If you are interested in a particular group, please email activities@bridgnorthanddistrictu3a.org.uk
Click the links for fuller information where available.   
New Groups are developed as members join who can offer
different interests to share or to take part in. 
Just let us know - we are here to help set up new groups.
Click here to see all the Groups in our
Activity Weekly Diary

PLEASE NOTE:  U3A Membership is required to take part in any of these Activities. 
Members can ask to join a group via the online link in the Member's Area,  Give it a go!


ART APPRECIATION   Detail: Exploring Artists and their paintings  (NEW)
Meeting: Mondays (3rd)                                      10.30am to 12 noon
Venue: Bridgnorth Library                                 Group Size:  12
Group Leader: Val Seabright                                        Cost:  £2
BRIDGE 01 & 02 ...        Detail: Bridge for intermediate players in a friendly environment
Meeting: Fridays (weekly)                                   9.30am to 12 noon  &  1.30pm to 4.00pm 
Venue: The Bungalow, Innage Lane                Group Size:   20 maximum
Group Leaders: Mary Galloway / Susan Powell             Cost:   £2.00 per session
CANASTA ...                 Detail: Rummy-style card game, played in pairs, threes or twos
Meeting: Tuesdays (weekly)                               12.30 - 3.30pm
Venue: Low Town Community Hall                  Group Size:  10
Group Leader: Jo Hammond                                        Cost:  £2.50 per session
CHURCHES ...              Detail: Exploring Churches with Guide in and around Shropshire
Meeting: Varies - see Programme                      Morning with lunch
Venue: Varies - see Programme                      Group Size:  12+
Group Leader: Tessa Holden                                       Cost:  varies
CINEMA GOERS ...      Detail: Use it or lose it!   Weekly reminder Emails of Films including Live Shows
Meeting: Varies                                                    Afternoons/Evenings
Venue: Majestic Cinema, Whitburn Street        Group size:  n/a
Group Leader: Tessa Holden                                        Cost: varies
COFFEE & CHAT (Zoom)      Meeting informally for a friendly chat on a variety of topics
Meeting: Thursdays (alternate)                           11.00 - 12.30pm
Venue: Zoom                                                    Group Size  6-12
Group Leader: Trevor Padget                                       Cost:  n/a
CRIBBAGE ...             Detail: Traditional 'pub' game of cards with scoring using unique peg board
Meeting: Tuesdays (weekly)                              12.30 - 3.30pm
Venue: Low Town Community Hall                  Group Sze:  8-12
Group Leader: Allan Clayton                                       Cost:  £2.50
FRENCH 4 FUN ...        Detail: Friendly French Conversation 
  Meeting: Wednesdays (fortnightly)                    morning
Venue: Members' homes                                Group size: 6-8 max 
Group Leader: Jane Freshney                                    Cost:  n/a
GARDEN VISITS ...     Detail: Visits organised to nearby Gardens (click link for more details)
Meeting: varies - see programme                     Half Days
Venue: varies - see programme                     Group Size:  Own Transport post Covid
Group Leader: Susan Powell/Pamela Oakley           Cost: Varies (NT M'Ship useful)
JIGSAW EXCHANGE   Detail: 1000 piece jigsaws for exchange.  Donate one ... take one away!
Group Leader: Jo Hammond                                        Cost:  n/a
MAH JONG ...               Detail: Fascinating game played with beautiful ivory tiles
Meeting: Tuesdays (weekly)                               12.30-3.30pm
Venue: Low Town Community Hall                   Group Size: 12-20 max
Group Leader: Tony Pritchard                                      Cost:  £2.50 per session
OUT & ABOUT ...           Detail: Venues sought to provide an interesting and different day out  (Click link)
Meeting: Visits between April and December - various days     
Time: Own Transport or Coach departing from tbc
Group Size: Restricted by transport and/or venue
Cost: Entrance costs vary.     Cheque payment in advance
Group Leaders: Jenny Green & Tricia Bennett 
PHOTOGRAPHY & CAMERAS  ... Introduction to Photography with advice on using Cameras
Photographic topic each month.
Meeting: Wednesdays (monthly)                         1.30pm to 3.00pm
Venue: Bridgnorth Library                                 Group Size:  6-12
Group Leader: Arnold Siverns                                       Cost:  £2 per session       
QUIZ HOUR (Zoom)      Detail: Friendly lighthearted quiz time with members contributing lists of Q&As
Meeting: Tuesdays (weekly)                                10.30 to 12 noon
Venue: Zoom 
Group Leader: Sue Jackman & Trevor Padget             Group Size:  10-20
SPANISH Let's Learn  Detail: Learning the basics to enhance experiences when visiting Spain
Meeting: Fridays (weekly)                                10.30am to 12.30pm
Venue: Zoom                                                  Group Size: 6-8  (Group full)
Group Leader: Jane Cosnett                                      Cost:  n/a
TABLE TENNIS ...        Detail: Fun games of table tennis with access to three sized tables
Meeting: Weekly Friday                                     10.30am to 12.30pm
Venue: The Paddocks, Conduit Lane              Group Size:  8-12 max
Group Leader: Maureen Mumford                               Cost:  £1.00 donation
WALKING ...                 Detail: Walks 6-8 miles in and around the Bridgnorth area.    Packed lunch reqd
Meeting: Fridays (1st in month)                         10.00am   Meet Point varies
Venue: Share cars to start point                      Group size:  30+
Group Leader: Jane Freshney                                     Cost: n/a
WALKS - SHORT            Detail: Walks (max 2 miles) in and around Bridgnorth Town
Meeting: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays                        10.30am   Meet Point varies
Venue: varies                                                   Group Size:  10-20
Group Leader: Trevor Padget & Ina Roberts               Cost:  n/a
Please let us know if there is an activity that you would like to see represented in our programme. 
We are keen to expand the number of Activity Groups for us all to enjoy.
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