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Frequently Asked Questions ...

How do I contact u3a in Bridgnorth about becoming a Member?

email us on  

Or complete the Application Form to be found at u3a in Bridgnorth and post it back to us - thank you

How often does U3A meet?

We have an Open Monthly Meeting for all members and Visitors are welcome.
Our Activity Group meetings vary.   Some meet weekly, some monthly and our visits and trips take place throughout the year. 
See Activity Groups for more details

How do I join an Activity or Interest Group?

Come along to one of our monthly meetings and meet the Group Leaders
or email

I don't want to take part in an Activity Group, can I still join u3a?

Yes, you are very welcome to join as a non-active member and you will still receive x5 Third Age Matters Magazines delivered to your home and monthly updating emails from our Chair.

However, we welcome you to come along to our 'open' monthly meeting with a chance to listen to an interesting speaker, meet fellow members and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Can I run my own Activity or Interest Group?

Yes, once you have paid the annual subscription we welcome new ideas from members to form activity or interest groups. 
We support setting up groups by promoting your group to fellow members andadvising on venues, costs etc. 
Just speak to a committee member who will be keen to hear your ideas