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with a SPEAKER -
held on 4th Wednesdays (ex Dec) in 
The Community Hall, Low Town, Bridgnorth.WV15 6BB

Doors open at 1.30pm, Speaker starts promptly at 2.00pm  (£2 entrance)


This is a chance for Members to enjoy interesting Speakers on a variety of topics,
catch up with latest u3a news, meet friends and sign up for 
Activity Groups and Trips.

Visitors are made welcome as this is an opportunity to find out more about u3a from our Hosts.  
ull membership is required to take part in any of our Activity and Interest Groups.   
A reminder that the Annual Individual Subscription is only £12.00.

Date   Speaker Topic
Wed 26th Jan 2022 Marion Blockley The History of Coracles
Illustrated talk on the work of the Ironbridge Coracle Trust
Wed 23rd Feb Keith Richards Caving and Potholing Around Britain
A caver for over 30 years having explored the major caving systems in UK
Wed 23rd March Quiz on Bridgnorth (Speaker Cancelled due to Covid)
Wed 27th April AGM
Ken Arch MBE
Hope House Hospice
Its origins, its work and current needs
Wed 25th
May Bob Watson How Clever are Fungie, Plants and Trees?
A look at how plants and trees work, are structurally strong, and their association
with fungi, their comminication, intellect (?) and mobility
Wed 22nd June Dr Andrew Yarnold Pop Art Collection - Wolverhampton Art Gallery
A talk on this fascinating collection which caused much controversy when it was
proposed to set it up in 196
Wed 27th July William Reddaway A Ride Around England 
One Man, One Horse, 2700 miles and 30 Cathedrals
Wed 24th August Alison Wakeman Awareness of Bees and their Importance in the Environment
Alison is a member of the Bee Association.
Wed 28th Sept Dr Sophie Hardy When it's just on the Tip of your Tongue: What causes word-finding failures in old age
We all experience those moments from time-to-time when we feel like a word is just on the tip of our tongue - we are sure that we know the word, but we just can't recall it. These are temporary word finding failures, known as tip-of-the-tongue states, and many people report that their experiences of these increase as they get older. Sophie's research aims to better understand changes in language production as we age. Her talk will focus on the causes of word-finding difficulties as we get older and discuss some emerging evidence that suggests physical fitness may be an important factor in reducing tip-of-the-tongue states. She also plans to include some small interactive elements in which we can try out some of the tasks that are typically used in language and ageing experiments.
Wed 26th Oct Peter Traves Growing up in Birmingham in the 1950s
An interesting and personal reminiscence that will jog all our memories.
Wed 23rd Nov William Durose Seasonal Entertainment
Guitar and Folk Music with Audience Participation to cheer us up!
  Dec No Meeting  




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