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In the current Covid 19 situation ... life, albeit strangely different,
is still going on and we want to keep in touch with all of our

u3a members ... so please continue to watch this page while
other pages on this website are being slowly updated. 

Visitors to this page wanting to know more about what Bridgnorth u3a 
offers in 'normal' times ... please do take time to browse the rest of this 
website and if interested to find out more, please make contact at:
We hope to resume 'normal service' as soon as possible!

Meanwhile everyone please take care and keep safe     
u3a Bridgnorth & District Committee


SPEAKERS (ZOOM) MEETING - Today!  (25th Nov 2020)

A very professional 45 min talk on the Heritage of Gilbert & Sullivan outlining their essential part of this
country's cultural heritage and how G&S can be solely acknowledged with the origins of today's musical
theatre!  An interesting input on the personal background of both Sullivan and Gilbert who were from very
different social backgrounds working together very successfuly for 25 years producing 14 shows which
are still performed throughout the world today ... 140+ years after they were written.   
An excellent presentation by Bernard Lockett who is an author and BBC TV & Radio presenter and a
Trustee of Harrogate's International Gilbert & Sullivan.   
Thank you for making our first Zoom experience for 50+ members so enlightening.

Extracts from recent G & S Festival Seasons can be accessed at:  Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas


THE RULE OF SIX (Covid19)  (overtaken by UK Lockdown till 2nd Dec)  (updated 13th November 2020)

The Third Age Trust (our umbrella organisation) current guidance is very briefly summarised below:

Restarting/Setting Up an Interest Group?   
Covid 19 Risk Assessment must be undertaken liaising with the u3a ctee
Private Homes Inside or Outside - Rule of Six applies
Public Meeting places must have Covid19 risk assessments in place
Games & Crafts (ie sharing equipment) - further guidance is still being sought
Art & Crafts (ie no sharing of equipment) - Rule of Six applies
Sedentary Activity (eg languages) - Rule of Six applies
Outdoors (eg Walking) - follow Ramblers Association guidance 


KEEPING IN TOUCH with our Members ...                            (updated 13th November 2020)
To ensure we are keeping in touch, over the next week we will be distributing a hard copy
of our September Newsletter to every member.


NEWS from other U3As  ...                                                      (updated 20th November 2020)
We are all members within a unique UK-wide organisation ...                     
click this link to read the latest monthly National u3a Newsletter - November 2020

It is always interesting to see what others are up to in these tricky times.   
Click this link to see how your fellow u3a members throughout the UK are coping and keeping
themselves occupied.  u3a: life in lockdown 

A Private Facebook Group page has been set for any U3A member from anywhere in the UK to join.
Follow interesting conversations on various topics.   u3a: keeping in touch 


MONTHLY SPEAKERS MEETINGS ...                                              (updated 2nd May 2020)
Are you missing our monthly meetings?   
Here are two links to help keep you entertained in our lockdown ...

Shrewsbury u3a Monthly Speakers Meetings (You Tube) - many topics from 2016 onwards to watch and listen. 
TED Talks - interesting 5-10 minute cameos on a variety of subjects.  Worth seeking out the UK presenters.






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