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If you are interested in, ‚Äčor have any questions about,
U3A here in Bridgnorth ...
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FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE    Bridgnorth U3A - Members Together                                (updated 3rd April 2020)

During this enforced period of social isolation this Facebook Group page has been set up to help members keep in touch and provide a platform to support each other.

This is a closed private group only for members of Bridgnorth & District U3A.

Postings from members with ideas on how to occupy ourselves and to keep healthy in body and mind; items that made you laugh; photos taken on daily exercise or from your garden; recommending a good book (to give a few examples!) are all welcomed.   Group Leaders are invited to share items and tips on their subjects to share with others.

Why not give it a go?
Take care and keep safe   
U3A Bridgnorth & District Committee


CORONAVIRUS‚Äč  ...                                                                                           (updated 25th March 2020)
has very inconsiderately interrupted ALL of our usual activities and our monthly Speakers Meetings until further notice!

But life, albeit very different, is still going on and we want to keep in touch with all of our members and visitors to our Website ... so please continue to watch this space.  Here are some links that may be of interest:

            U3A: Keeping in Touch Facebook  (closed Facebook Group for U3A members only)   

A Bridgnorth Coronavirus Mutual Aid Hub is currently being set up ...

           Shropshire Coronavirus Mutual Aid - Volunteers   
           Shropshire Coronavirus Mutual Aid - Help Request Form

Take care and keep safe   
U3A Bridgnorth & District Committee



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